Thermal paste dispensing with METER MIX® Systems


Gap Filling

p>Specifically developed to meet the increasing demand for dispensing small shots of homogeneously mixed two-part, highly abrasive materials, the PAR 2EH incorporates Tungsten Carbide-hardened wetted parts with mechanically linked rod-displacement metering pumps to provide precise dispensing of micro shot sizes down to 0.04ml. This is combined with the added benefit of electric servo drive speed and shot size control. The system is an ideal solution for gap filling and potting processes, where thermal interface materials are applied to transfer heat away from the component.

The PAR 2EH provides reliable, proven fixed-ratio metering control during dispensing, and its compact design allows it to be mounted directly onto an articulated robot for accurate point of application dispensing. The PAR2EH can also be interfaced with automated systems for fully or semiautomatic applications. Incorporating robust and proven metering and mixing principles, the advanced PAR 2EH embodies the perfect solution to many small shot applications. Typically, this system is supplied with drum unloading transfer pumps for larger volume production.


  • 电子灌封
  • 部件粘接
  • 密封


  • 聚氨酯
  • 树脂
  • 硅胶


定量泵 单向活塞杆工作
定量范围 1:1 至 5:1 (取决于材料选择)
粘度范围 最大至 1,000,000 mPa.s
出胶量 约0.04ml 至 7.96ml 在混合比为 1:1 的条件下
点胶次数 最多 6 次/分钟 (取决于材料粘度)
混合方式 一次性静态混合管
材料罐容量 600ml 塑料材料管


  • 可与机器人集成
  • 双止回阀喷射块总成
  • 提供“定量”和“操作员控制”喷射量选项
  • 电子喷射量和流量控制功能l
  • 工作指示灯
  • 控件:
    • 集成PLC控制(PAR 2EH上配备彩色HMI触控屏操作界面)
    • 结合了包含最多50种可编程流量和喷射量的记忆存储功能
    • 主关开
    • 急停和复位按钮
    • 防固化自动清洗定时功能
    • 提供脚踏板或远程启动选项
    • 230VAC电源 + 压缩空气@ 80 p.s.i.


  • 数字控制加热
  • 耐腐蚀的不锈钢易损件
  • 转换泵和蓄能器可以将材料从原料桶中直接抽出